• Is booking escorts in the UK legal?

Yes it is all perfectly legal. When booking an escort you are paying for the escorts’ time. This is a perfectly legal contractual arrangement. Anything else that happens during the date after paying the escort for her time is of free and a private matter between two consenting adult individuals and is no concern of ours or anyone else.


  • Do I get the chance to speak to the escort before confirming a booking?

Of course. It is our policy that the escort call you before a booking is finalised. This allows you to be happy with your choice before the escort is 100% confirmed and on her way.


  • Do I have to book the escort once she has called me?

No. You are not under any obligation to book if you decide the escort is not for you. You may change your mind and not book at all, or request to speak to another escort, or book with us another time. It is completely up to you as the customer.


  • What if I change my mind and wish to cancel once I have booked the escort and she arrives?

If you have already finalised and booked the escort and she arrives then you wish to cancel, a £60 cancellation will be charged to cover time and transportation costs.


  • How long will it take for the escort to arrive?

Once a booking is finalised and 100% confirmed we aim to have the escort there within 45mins. The majority of the time most escorts will be there a lot quicker than this, but there will be occasions where this may take longer than. Please take distance, traffic and weather into consideration.


  • Can I book more than 1 escort at a time?

Of course. There is no limit to the number of escorts you can book at one time. Please contact the office to discuss the requirements and number of girls and we will aim to make it happen.


  • Can me and my friend book one escort to see both of us?

Yes. But extra charges will apply.


  • Do your escorts only visit men or are they happy to visit females as well?

Yes. Most of our escorts are happy to spend time with both men and women. They enjoy the company of women just as much as they enjoy the company of men.


  • Can I visit an escort at their place?

Sorry the answer is NO. We currently only operate an outcall only service. This means the escort will travel to meet you are a chosen destination, i.e.: your house, or apartment, hotel, restaurant, bar or club etc.


  • I understand you offer an evening/ night-time service. Is it possible to see an escort during the daytime?

Yes this is possible. But as it is outside our usual operating hours we offer daytime bookings with advanced notice and a minimum of 3 hours booked for the escort. Please contact the office at least 24hours prior to the booking in order to secure a booking.


  • Are all the pictures of the escorts real?

Yes all pictures are real and recent to date. We have a strict no fake picture policy. We have our own in-house photographer who can take pictures when needed in order to keep the pictures accurate and up-to-date.


  • Which currency and payment methods are currently accepted?

Cash paid upon arrival is preferred. We accept cash payments in GBP, American dollars, and Euros a surcharge will be added to take the exchange rate into consideration.

Bank transfers are also accepted; the money must clear immediately and be showing in our account in order for the booking to be completed.


  • Can I make any special requests?

Yes. Of course by all means. You have your right to express any requests to the office or to the escort at the time of making the booking. All requests will try to be met, as long as they are reasonable and not dangerous, offensive or illegal.